Des vins et des hommes


Two Périgourdins, Hervé Brunaux, a well-known writer, journalist and poet and Bernard Dupuy, a talented freelance photographer, have just published an enlightening work on Bergerac wines and winemakers. The vintners featured in the book are all part of the brilliant rebirth of Bergerac’s wines. Their vigorous defence of their label has been repaid by the highest international accolades. Thanks to them, Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Rosette, Montravel, Saussignac and the rest of the 13 appellations of the Bergeracois have regained their treasured epicurean reputation. It took a year for the authors to compile this book which celebrates both the wine’s refound fame and the extraordinary human adventures involved. ‘’ We took the time to hear the vintners’ stories,’’explained Hervé Brunaux.‘’They are all great characters, just like the wines they make. As in fashion design or art, each has his own style. After all, winemaking is an art ! ‘’ The author clocked up some 4,000 km on his travels between châteaux and domaines but the photographer doubled that :’’The weather was not always kind to me but the winemakers never failed to warm me up and make me feel welcome. Passionate about their own work, they could easily empathise with mine.’’ The 289 pages of ‘Des vins et des hommes’, with an English translation by Michael Mills in collaboration with Gabrielle Merchez, are lavishly illustrated and deserve to be savoured like a fine vintage. Published by La Lauze in Périgueux, Price €35

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